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I think the element of surprise when something arrives is always a lovely feeling, no matter what your age is. I had subscribed to many of the subscription boxes over the past few years. They were great, but I wanted a little more variety, I wanted items I would actually wear and use, if not then they should be good enough for me to re-gift. I also wanted them to relate to my age a little more. So, I decided that I wanted my box to be predominantly for women aged 50 years and over...we are all pretty remarkable after all!

Why for women aged 50 and over? 

Mainly, because I am a woman aged over 50 and whilst my age doesn't limit me in anyway it has made me just know what I want in the subscription box world.

The brilliant thing about there being so many sub boxes out there means that I have changed as I have got older and life changes, different priorities, etc and I was giving away more items than I kept. I started out with the beauty boxes which were great and have introduced me to a couple of new items which are a fixed feature in my makeup bag, I have also tried the lifestyle, jewellery and foody meal making subscriptions in the past too.

I still work full-time as well as running Remie Margot, so I still currently have a couple of lovely 'go to' lifestyle boxes for gifts (I can't give my own right?), I now have a dog so I subscribe to a doggy box and buy one off gifts for friends dogs too, we have recently bought a house so I also subscribe to an interior design box too, So, there are boxes out there that fit all lifestyles at various stages of life, I really like the variety and the flexibility of the boxes.

I realise that the subscription box market is growing all the time, but I still think there is room for a cheeky one. I spend a huge amount of my time researching, visiting trade shows, talking to brands, partners and independent businesses, not to mention all the talking I do to a variety of amazing women...yes, chatting. Everyone is an individual which is what I love and I want to make Remie Margot a box that people want and want to be a part of. I care about getting it right.


We all work hard for our salaries and it's important to feel like the product you have taken the time to read about and invest in, is worth it. I make huge efforts to try to personalise the boxes as much as I can. I do constantly plan and look towards the future and Remie Margot is a huge part of it. I do hope you want to join me on what I intend to be a fabulous journey.

Founder, Rebekah McKie - circa 1968

Hello, thank you for taking the time to read about us, well me really.

The gift boxes I have created over many years both by working in the corporate hospitality and events world and for friends, family, colleagues etc, to celebrate Christmas, birthdays, new babies, weddings, retirement, etc...are something I have enjoyed doing for each one of them. I’m sure many of you have too, my Mum and Nana always did.


A box containing their favourite things has always been fun and I have always received great feedback. I really wanted to create them for women of a similar age to me. We are so busy working inside and outside of our families, work and life, that sometimes just being able to find the time to do something for ourselves, becomes somewhat of a challenge.

Creating Remie Margot has been emerging from the background for a few years now! Spending time doing lot of research, trade shows, and subscription boxes. This has been between working full time, getting married, rescuing a cheeky pooch, moving house, enjoying celebrating turning 50, just LIFE.


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Myself, friends and family wear our ages as badges of honor...not everyone get's the privilege to be 50 or over...we embrace it.

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