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We created Notebooks and Journals originally for our Subscription Boxes and are now available on Amazon, as requested.

A5 Lined Notebooks (5.5 x 8.5 in) - Notebook/Journal -120 Pages Lined White Paper - £4.95

Printed on bold white paper and with a book industry perfect binding and a beautiful
matt cover, the crisp white paper. This book is suitable for pen or pencil.

You can take these beautiful notebooks anywhere, they are ideal for jotting down notes, planning, lists and much more.

Notebook Cover Vintage.png

What to do Next?

Notebook Cover (11.52 × 8.75in).png

Watercolour Style
Leaf Design 

Notebook Cover (11.52 × 8.75in) (1).png

Abstract Face
Design - Pink

Notebook Cover (11.52 × 8.75in) (2).png

Watercolour Style
Floral Design 

A5 Birthday Books - Paperback Birthday Reminder Book - Record & Remember Birthdays - £9.99

We get so disappointed when we forget the Birthday of someone we care about and have to send a 'belated' Birthday message.

This reminder book will keep you a step ahead, you can take a look at the month ahead and get your cards and gifts in advance. As well as the monthly index, we have included a handy 'Birthdays at a Glance' page together with a 'Monthly Expense Tracker' so you can plan ahead and budget for those busy Birthday months...year on year.

Birthday Book A5

Black & Tan Floral Design

Birthday Book Cover Berries.png

Berries Design

Yellow & Green.png

Green & Yellow Floral Design


Cheeky Design

Remie's Place

If you would like to come over to my private Facebook Group 'Remie's Place', a place to meet other brilliant women aged 50 and over. A place where we get together for a chat and discuss our plans, hopes, and lifestyle expectations, giving each other unconditional support, advice, and help whilst having fun and laughter throughout. It's the absolute heart of what we do at Remie Margot...a total celebration of women aged 50 and over! Just click HERE!

I'd love you to join us Rx

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