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Summer 2022 - Summer Sun

Do you have your Flip-Flops out?

Our Summer Box contained a lovely selection of items, sure to add to those lovely long Summer Days.

We spend as much time as possible outside in the Summer, and our gardens get the most attention, well in our case a definite presence. Doors propped open, cushions left out overnight together with the lanterns, lights, and candles ready for the next day! I envisaged the contents of the 2022 Summer Box to use as an extension of the day when you just don't want to go in and are nervous to 'nip in' just in case it is assumed that you are 'staying in'.

So, you have been outside all day, hopefully, you have your SPF on, the Joules Lip Balm is soft and delicate and perfect for keeping your lips moist throughout the day, After you have tended to the garden, apply the lovely William Morris Hand Cream, it's velvety and easily absorbed.

Do you have the fire pit lit? If not don't worry we have a plan...just swap the flip-flops for the lovely Seasalt Trainer Socks, open up your Naked Marshmallow Gift Set, I have selected flavours I think you might like to share (or not), light the little burner and toast your marshmallows...delicious! The amazing Joules Tote will carry lots of goodies for your evening 'out' and looks great too! I thought the Regatta Compact Travel Towel, is great to take anywhere and quick-drying for any mishaps.

As always, I like to include a tasteful Greetings Card just in case there is anything in the box you would like to re-gift or need a last-minute card on the go. I have created our own again, with higher printing costs but I can create what I have in my mind as the perfect card to go with the box!

Enjoy Summer, I would love to hear what you are doing...drop me a note or join us at Remie's Place, the link is detailed below x

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, much appreciated...Rx

All existing 'Friends of Remie' have received their #Summer boxes, but I do create a few additional if you think you would like one or you would like one for a friend, you can still subscribe or order a one-off box, just click the button below:

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