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Winter 2021 - Cosy Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Our Winter 2021 Box contained a selection of items for a cosy afternoon or night in, either with your best friend or just for you.

Let's start by taking the top off of the Ceramic Festive Tree Wax Melter and popping the Heart Wax Melts on to enjoy that lovely White Winter scent throughout the house, your friend is on their way but you do have time to sit and write them the lovely Christmas Card by Eli the Goat and maybe wrap a last-minute gift for them using your Wooden Festive Plaque to decorate the top.

You've decided to dress up a little and put your elegant Heart Shaped Mismatched Necklace on to finish the perfect look (it's inside the cracker), keep your Soft Grey Scarf close to hand in case you need it later. Your friend is almost here so prepare a little cheese selection using your Bamboo Cheese Board & Cheese Knife just big enough for a good selection, adding your Chutney and Crackers with maybe a little fruit. Oh the coffee is on and the mulled wine is on the stove, both perfect to go with a Monty Bojangles Flutter Scotch Truffle or two...delicious!

All existing 'Friends of Remie' have received their #Winter boxes, but I have created a few if you think you would like one or you would like one for a friend, you can still subscribe or order a one-off box, just click the button below:

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, much appreciated...Rx

Further Reading, Gifts and Resources

There are still a couple of weeks to Christmas, you still have time to download our Christmas Planner, it has weekly, shopping, meal, and gift-giving planners included - Click Here.



If you would like to come over to my private Facebook Group 'Remie's Place', a place to meet other brilliant women aged 50 and over. A place where we get together for a chat and discuss our plans, hopes, and lifestyle expectations, giving each other unconditional support, advice, and help whilst having fun and laughter throughout. It's the absolute heart of what we do at Remie Margot...a total celebration of women aged 50 and over! We would love to see you. Just click HERE!


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