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Summer 2021 - Friend Therapy

I wanted our Summer 2021 Box to be all about friendships!

Now that we can have a get-together of sorts. Our Summer Box contained a lovely selection of beautiful bright items to ensure you have everything you need when you are out and about meeting up.

Friendship is key as part of our well-being and a chat with our old friends, new friends, colleagues, husband, wife or partner, is essential. We meet at various stages of our lives, and I love that we are brought together in so many ways. I always ask how people meet, it's so interesting there is always a story...what's yours? As we all know, sometimes having a coffee with a friend is all the therapy we need.

So, for those of you with one of our 2021 Summer Boxes you know I always like to put a scenario of how I envisage the contents to be used in the brochure, so here it is!

'You are excited to have organised a long-awaited get-together with one of your precious friends, slip on something comfortable, you don't want anything to detract you from your catch-up! Open up your Little Box of Friendship cards and maybe select one or however many you want to give to your friend(s), there are some blank cards especially for you to write your own personal message too, these are also perfect for popping in the post to any friends you can't get to meet up with right now, or gift your wooden plaque (an extra addition to the box, I saw it, liked it, thought you would too, so I put it into the box x I love the wording 'True friends are never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart' love it. Prepare any snacks for you and your friend or dog treats (if you're taking your 'furry friend' too), pop them into your lovely pink bamboo bowl. Flick the kettle on and make your favourite beverage in your blush thermal travel cup, or as this fits almost all coffee machines for a regular size coffee, you could pick one up on your way from your favourite coffee shop. Unfold your new foldaway bag and pop everything in, don't forget your spork (another addition, I thought you might like and use if you have popped salad or pasta into your lunch bowl) and sweeties, also your bright quick drying towel to either sit on, or if your 'furry friend' likes a dip it's perfect to dry them off too. All that's left to do is put on your lovely summer soft bright coloured scarf (your friend needs to be able to see you coming right?, haha) or you could also tie it to a straw tote or hat for a 'pop', apply some of the amazing Mango Lip Balm and you're ready to go! As always, I pop a greetings card with the box in case there is anything in the box you would like to re-gift or need a last-minute card on the go, we love these simple statement cards.

All existing 'Friends of Remie' have received their #Summer boxes, but I have created a few if you think you would like one or you would like one for a friend, you can still subscribe or order a one-off box, just click the button below:

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, much appreciated...Rx

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